CSOM has only been in existence since July 2016, but already is establishing itself as a centre of excellence in the nonsurgical treatment of musculoskeletal ailments and sport and exercise related injuries. We treat the gamut of individuals from elite athletes, weekend warriors and urban athletes to children in sport, office workers and senior citizens. As the clinic evolves we are adding more focus on wellness, exercise prescription for all and women’s physical health and support, particularly pre and post partum. 

Founder and Medical Director Dr Annabel Carter has lived in Bermuda most of her adult life, and brings with her a longstanding reputation in the community for her commitment to providing compassionate and up to date care. CSOM provides the highest standard of physiotherapy, with physiotherapists Raina Steer–Pitcher, Michelle Monk and Nicola Stoddart, bringing with them a wealth of experience and knowledge. New additions include Dr Raffi Titizian, Dr of Chiropractic from Vancouver, and Dr Hamish Reid, Consultant in Sport and Exercise Medicine and Fellow of the Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine in the UK, joins us from Oxford. Our team are passionate about their craft, and dedicated to the goals of our patients in improving physical wellbeing, hastening recovery from injury and in preventative care.


Service at CSOM is a team effort, and the front desk staff are just the beginning.  Our passionate team of medical doctors, physiotherapists, nurse and chiropractor are dedicated to improving your health, fitness and wellbeing –the integrated approach to your musculoskeletal and general healthcare. We pride ourselves on taking ample time with patients and listening to your stories ; we believe not only in accurate assessment, diagnosis and treatment but in educating our patients to prevent recurrence and further injury. Regardless of age, ability or sporting interest, we are here for you if you are injured or in pain, whether you be an athlete, pregnant or post partum, or simply someone looking to achieve a day not held back by pain.

Your physical wellbeing is the foundation of an active lifestyle. As Albert Einstein said

                    “ Life is like a bicycle. In order to live you must keep moving”